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Good Morning!  It's been quite rainy recently... and too cloudy for rainbows so I hope this one makes you smile!  


Let's start with some maths today!  Let's build on our telling the time skills! 

First of all have a go at this game with me... begin with the Loom video and then from there you can click the link below to have a go on your own. 


Once you feel like you're doing a great job, then have a go at the two activities below!  One is a little more of a challenge than the other - but as long as you read the instructions carefully you'll be fine I'm sure!  Good Luck! 

For Literacy today we're going to investigate some of the planets.  Begin by sharing the PowerPoint together. 


Next - set your printer to print out the sheets with 9 on one A4 page.  This will give you the perfect size pictures to cut out!  It saves paper too!  Cut out each picture of the planet and then write some information about that planet in your book next to it.  


For extra bonus points and more of a challenge you could also think of a question to write about the planet!