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Here is your Tuesday morning workout

White Rose Maths

Some fantastic addition/counting on and making a rosette for someone who has done something special!


Marvellous Maths

Firstly, I would like you to watch my loom. I will have a ‘look through the binoculars’ power-point in the background. I would like you to guess what shape you think you can see through the binoculars. Write down your answer and then see if you got it right!

I would now like you to click on the Espresso link and login. Search for ‘shape’ and click on the first tab ‘shape’. Then click on ‘further resources’ on the left hand side. Look at ‘photo’s of 2D shapes in the environment ‘flat shapes’ and ‘shape and patterns’. Also, have a look at ‘shapes in buildings’.

I would like you to go on a hunt around your house to look for 2D shapes in your environment. Create a table with columns for circle, square, rectangle, triangle, hexagon and oval. As you walk around your house you can create a tally of your findings, and either draw a picture and label it of what you found in each column, of, you could take photos and print them.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Say a variety of different letter sounds and see if your child can write the correct letter that represents that sound.
  • Introduce the phoneme ‘sh’. Click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘Scraps phonics’ and click on the first result. Then select ‘sh’ and watch the video. The video will demonstrate how to form this sound when writing it. Draw a line in your child’s book and ask them to practice their ‘sh’ across the line. Draw attention to the fact that this, again, is 2 letters that make one sound.
  • I have also attached a document with the action and song on, and the jolly phonics songs link so you can find and sing the song.
  • Now click on the PhonicsPlay link and login. Select ‘resources’ and then the game ‘Buried Treasure’. Select Phase 3 and ‘input own words’. Put in these words.
  • ship, shell, fish, bash, rush (real) shum, shib, tish, fush, losh (fake)
  • Now write these sentences and ask your child to read them.
  • I am in a rush to get to the shop. The cash is in the shop. I got a shell and a fish.

Miss Johnson’s Group/Mrs Chambers groups

  • Recap over sounds previously learnt. Ask your child to write these sounds.
  • ai, oo, th, igh, oa, ng, ee, ar, or, ur, ow, oi.
  • This week we are going to do some recapping over these sounds.
  • I have uploaded a document called ‘circle that word’ you can either print or copy out. Your child needs to look at the picture and then read the words next to it to find the matching word, and circle it.
  • Now, click on the PhonicsPlay link above, and login. Select ‘resources’ and then the game ‘Rocket Rescue’ and select phase 3. Your child will need to look at the picture shown and listen to the word, and then either tell you what sounds they need to make the word or use the keyboard to type the word themselves. The rocket will then be re-built!
  • I have also uploaded a document called ‘Phase 3 sentences’. Scroll through and ask your child to read the sentences.