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Here is your Tuesday morning workout

White Rose Maths

A lovely memory game to play with someone or some people in your household and some counting in 2’s. Also, some counting and some verbal observations and sentence building.

Marvellous Maths

Carrying on with our 3D shapes, I would like to see if you can remember the different names we use for properties of these shapes. I have uploaded some ‘nets’ for 3D shapes. Either print these or draw them out and make them up so you have your own set of 3D shapes to work with. If possible see if you have a sphere shaped object you could put with your set of shapes as there is no net for this. Discuss with your child why not?

Adults, when they are made, point to the vertices on one of the shape and ask your child if they can remember the name of this part of the shape. They may say corners so just remind them that this is for our flat 2D shapes. Then point to the faces and see if they can remember this and then the edges.

Take some time to explore the shapes together. Discuss what shape the faces are on each of them, how many edges and how many vertices they have. Try to compare them to similar shaped objects/packaging around the house as some might be the same shape but look slightly different e.g. be longer or wider.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Say a variety of different sounds and see if your child can write the correct letter/s that represent that sound.
  • Introduce the phoneme ‘th’. Click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘Scraps phonics’ and click on the first result. Then select ‘th’ and watch the video. The video will demonstrate how to form this sound when writing it. Draw a line in your child’s book and ask them to practice their ‘th’ across the line.
  • I have also attached a document with the action and song on, and the jolly phonics songs link so you can find and sing the song.
  • Now play Quickwrite and ask your child to write these words. Time them to see how fast they can do it.
  • them, then, that, this, with, thin, thick, chop, such, shock, bash
  • Now write these sentences and ask your child to read them, doing a thumbs up or down if they think the answer is yes or no.
  • Can a fish quack? Is a shell a pet? Can a hen shop? Can a chicken buzz? Can a chip be as big as a fish? Can a chip be thick?

Miss Johnson’s Group/Mrs Chambers groups

  • Recap over sounds previously learnt. Ask your child to write these sounds.
  • ai, oo, th, igh, oa, ng, ee, ar, or, ur, ow, oi.
  • Introduce the new phoneme ‘ear’. Click on the Espresso link above, login and search for ‘pollys phonics’. Click on the first tab and select this new sound to watch the video.
  • I have uploaded a ‘phoneme spotter story’ you can either print or read on screen. As you and your child reads through the story, see if they can point our or circle any words that have their new ‘ear’ sound in.
  • Now, on Espresso, click on ‘activities’, scroll down to ‘ur ow oi ear’ and play the game ‘segmenting’.