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Good morning Nursery,


We hope you enjoyed our introduction to vets yesterday.


Task 1

Recap on the letter 'y'. Can your child remember any words that begin with the letter 'y'? Have a look for objects around the house beginning with 'y'. Can your child draw any objects that begin with 'y'?

Task 2

Can your child tell you the days of the week in order? Listen to the story 'The Zoo Vet'

Ask your child some questions about the story. Which was their favourite animal and why? Can they remember all of the animals that the vet helped to feel better? Did they enjoy the story and why?

Task 3

Count the number of animals from 'The Zoo Vet' on the sheet below. Can your child write the number of each animal? If they can't then show them how to so they can copy it into the correct box.

'The Zoo Vet' counting sheet

Have a wonderful day,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson