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Good morning everyone! I hope that you enjoyed writing your diary entry yesterday! Remember, all you need to do is try your best!

1) GOAL- To understand cube numbers (Maths)

Remember to mark your work from yesterday.


Watch the Espresso video, have a go at the quiz, and then have a go at your work!

2) GOAL- To plan an adventure story about living in the jungle and being raised by wolves (like Mowgli) (Writing/ Geography)

Today, you are going to plan your own story, then tomorrow, you'll be able to write it.


Your story is going to be about living in the jungle and being raised by wolves (like Mowgli). You can be creative about what you want to happen, but here are some ideas if you're struggling:


  • You live amongst the animals and are one day chased by a tiger... what happens to you?
  • You live amongst the animals, and are one day found by some humans who are there chopping down trees. Do they take you with them? What happens?
  • You lose the wolves who have raised you (they are like your family), what do you do? Do you manage to find them?


Use the story mountain to help you plan. You can just write the headings in your book if you can't print it! This would also give you more space. When you are planning, you can just use bullet points to note your ideas. Be imaginative!