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Good morning Nursery,


We hope you're all well this morning.


Task 1

Recap the letter 'z'. Can your child remember any words beginning with the letter 'z'? Have a look for objects that start with the letter 'z'. You could gather a few objects which start with the letter 'z' and mix them in with some objects that start with different letters. Play a game and take it in turns to find the objects which start with the letter 'z'. If you don't have any objects then you could use the pictures in the document below.

Sorting words starting with 'z'

Task 2

With your child talk about what they think they can do to help look after where they live. Together, share the following power point.

Task 3

Now is time to have a go at sorting some objects to be recycled. Ask your child if they can remember which materials can be recycled. Using the sheet below, sort which bins each object would be put into, ready to be recycled.

Sorting recyclable materials

Don't forget to share a story,


Take care,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson