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Good Morning!

Happy Tuesday!


Literacy today is a reading comprehension and we'll get going with a story.  A special treat for a Tuesday, I'll read the story to you. 


Unfortunately the story file is too large to upload but you don't actually need it. 

If you choose activity option 1, then you can re-watch the video or discuss your answers first with your game partner.  If you choose option 2 then the story information you need is on the comprehension sheet for you.


There are a variety of comprehension options for today - you only need to choose one.


1.  Play the game!  This a game based on the story and you will need to answer questions about the story in order to win!


2.  As usual, the comprehension sheets.  Lots of you should be going for the middle option but a lot of you I'm sure are more than capable of completing the most challenging.  Remember, with comprehension, the remembering and answering questions about the story is what is important! 


Have a go at the challenging one, and if you find it too tricky, then move to the slightly easier one...

I bet you can do it...

go on...

give it a try! 

Next we are onto our Math's.  We are building on what we learnt yesterday.


GOAL:  To investigate position and direction

For today's math's - the activity is within the power point but you will need a selection of objects ready.


You will need:

The cut out cards below (for a game)


A piece of paper/page in your book


The picture from the slideshow printed or on a screen big enough to see it to discuss with a partner - you'll know which one when you read through the PowerPoint.