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Tuesday 6th October

Good morning everyone,

How did you get on yesterday?  I hope it eased you back in to the week gently.  Keep going, you're doing a fantastic job and you're nearly there. Don't stop now!

Happy Fact:  I thought you'd like to have a look at this clip.  It's from March 2019 but it's a happy story about the rhinos in Kenya. (ask an adult to copy and paste the link) then scroll down until you find the clip called 'How is a dog helping to save rhinos? Brilliant!


So, what did you read yesterday?  I'd love to know!  Or, did you get an adult to read to you?  I wonder how many of you know what your parents' favourite stories were when they were your age.  If you don't know.....ask them smiley

Morning Work

Today's morning work is to practise your spellings for Friday.  You'll be back at school on Friday so we'll do the test in class...YAY!

Here is the full list - just practise the ones that you've got on your list at home.  We've already talked about the alternative sound for the letter 'c' in class so you will understand the sound in these spellings.  I'd recommend that you practise them daily, if possible.  Or get someone at home to ask you how to spell a word,  every now and then, during the day.

  1. ace
  2. juice
  3. fancy
  4. city
  5. circus
  6. cancel
  7. face
  8. mercy
  9. recent
  10.  once
  11.  princess
  12.  distance


Start by having a go at the Flashback 4 task.

GOAL: to understand and use related facts.


Now on to today's main Maths activity.  It is about related facts.

So, if you know that    6 + 4 = 10,

then you know that   60 + 40 = 100.


And, if you know that   2 + 3 = 5, 

then you know that    20 + 30 = 50.


If you know that         10 - 4 = 6, 

then you know that  100 - 40 = 60


And, if you know that      8 - 3 = 5,

then you know that     80 - 30 = 50


Now have a go at the work and see how you get on.  Just do your best. yes

If you found the main activity ok, and you'd like to do some more, there's an extension activity for you.  Just do one of the pages - you choose.  The first page is the easiest, the third page is the most tricky.  Which one will you try? wink


GOAL: to write instructions


Your English work today is to write instructions for making pancakes (following on from the story we read in class, set in Africa, called Mama Panya's Pancakes). 


Watch the Loom video, then write the instructions using the checklist below to help you.

We will do more on this in class.

I'm sure that this task will make you feel happy and grateful for everything that you have laugh

Have another great day. laugh