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Good morning Nursery! 

I hope you have been practising your b sound! See if you can find any things in your house that start with a b. Perhaps you could find things that end in a b sound too?!

Task 1

Have a look at the video below and see what you can remember about fire fighters. Can you see the uniforms they are wearing? Why do you think they have to wear these clothes? What might happen if they didn't have their uniform on?

Can you use different resources to make your own fire fighter? You could use paint or collage, pens or pencils, playdough, building blocks or junk modelling. You could even make yourself into a fire fighter! Think about the colours you might need and the shapes you will need to use for the head, body, arms and legs etc.

Task 2

Have a think about some of the letter sounds we have learnt so far. See if you can remember the sound, the letter name and then have a go at writing them on paper, with chalk or water, or even in the air. You could even see if you can match them to some things around your house. Think about how you form your letters and hold your mark making tools.


The link below has some helpful videos on how to form each letter correctly.

Sing some nursery rhymes together today,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson.