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Hello Year 6,


I hope that you had a good day yesterday. Here is your work for today.


Maths  - mark yesterday's questions. 

Today you will be answering multi-step word problems. To answer these read through each question carefully and underline any key information. Even better jot these key facts down in your maths book. Then decide what operations you will need to use. Work through each part of the question, making sure you know what you are being asked to do. Check your answers as you go along and then write a written answer to the question. Remember to include any units. Good luck!



Today I want you to imagine that going on a trip of a lifetime and you are going to sail around the world with your family. You need to choose 10 items that you think you should take with you and explain why. All details on the planning sheet. Have fun with it!


Mrs Betteley

Answers for Friday 5th June and Monday 8th June

Multi-step word problems

GOAL: To use effective vocabulary in description