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WB: 02.05.22

Sum1.3.1 - Make equal groups

Tuesday Maths

Sum1.3.2 - Adding equal groups

Wednesday Maths

Sum1.3.4 - Make arrays

Thursday Maths

Sum1.3.5 - Make doubles

Friday Maths

Work this week is linked to A Midsummer Night's Dream - here is the link to the play should you need it.


Literacy - Topic



Draw a picture of your favourite character from the play.  Surround your drawing with adjectives to describe:

The character 

Their personality

Their clothes

Their role in the play

Other adjectives you think are a good fit for your character.


Use these to create a character description.



Do some research on google for magical forests to get some ideas.  Then, using a whole A4 page, create your own magical, fairy forest.  Use some adjectives to describe your forests and write about some of the magical things that happen in your forest.



Write a diary entry about an adventure in your magical fairy forest.

Use your own setting you have created.  You could imagine you're part of the play, visited Titania or Oberon or even caused some magical mayhem with Puck!  You don't have to use the characters from the play if you don't want too, you can create a new adventure of your own.



Use today to edit your writing.

Check for:

Capital letters

Full stops

Finger spaces

Tricky word spellings

Do your sentences make sense?

Could you improve any descriptions with some more adjectives?