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WB: 07.02.22 Resources


Over the week, work your way through this workbook.  I have included teacher notes to help parents.  

We are working on the 'ou' sound this week.

Children's mental health week activities.


Spend some time investigating the website with an adult and talk about why it is so important to take care of your own mental health.  

Safer Internet Day

Use some of the information you have learnt to create a leaflet or a poster to promote online safety.


Have a look at the timetable for handwriting this week.  We are learning to write numbers as words this week.


This week we are continuing our learning of numbers to 50.


Monday - Complete these two activities.  Have a go at making your own set of number cards to 50 to help you!

Tuesday - Have a go at these two activities.  If you want an extra challenge then have a go at making your own set of cards to play with your family.  You could make them about all the Polar animals we have been learning about.

Wednesday - Use the number cards to 50 you made earlier in the week.  Muddle them up and then choose 4 or 5 cards.  Can you put them in the correct order starting with smallest to largest?

Repeat this 20 times and remember to write down each sequence of numbers you make.

Thursday - Now your getting better with your number knowledge, have a go at solving these problems.

Friday - Have a play with this number square.  Click the picture to open it then choose the option for a square to 50. E If there is someone at home who can help you or can be your partner then even better.  Try these games!

1.  Have a blank square - shout out a number to 50 and guess where it is before revealing it

2.  Click and square to reveal a number then identify one more and one less than your chosen number

3.  Click a number to reveal - can you partition this number into tens and ones

4.  Experiment with the pick a puzzle feature.  Choose an option then click new - identify the numbers for each puzzle


Monday and Tuesdays sessions this week should be devoted to an activity from Children's mental health week and safer internet day.


Wednesday - get ready to explore.  Share the powerpoint about Robert Scott and the Terra Nova expedition.  Think about what you would take on an expedition with you and give a reason for why you would take each of your chosen items.

Thursday - write a re-count of the Terra Nova expedition - you can choose to write about it factually or complete it as a diary entry from the point of view of one of the explorers.

Friday - have a go at editing the work.

Have you got:

Capital letters - for names and places too

Finger spaces

Full stops

Exclamation marks 

Have you used 'and' or 'but' in your writing.  If not, can you edit some sentences to include them?

Do all your sentences make sense? 

Have you spelt your tricky words correctly?