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WB: 14.02.22 Resources


Over the week, work your way through this workbook.  I have included teacher notes to help parents.  

We are working on the long vowel sound this week.


Have a look at the timetable for handwriting this week.  We are learning to spell days of the week this week - using our cursive formation.


Monday - Counting in 2's

Watch this episode of number blocks, then have a go at the following activity.

I have included a link to a 50 grid should you need it.



Begin with the Numberblocks - there are two episodes to help you today!  Then have a go at the activity.


Follow the link below to a website where you will find a whole selection of games to help with your counting in 2's and 5's.  Choose from the games below and see what scores you can get!


Whack a Mole - set the counter in the top left corner to count in 2's or 5's - then whack away!

Saucer Sorter - choose 2's or 5's - ask an adult to muddle the numbers up for you and see if you can put them back in the correct order.  You can also use the large yellow star to hide numbers - maybe an adult can do this for you and you can guess the missing number.


Feel free to re-cap the shark numbers game for tens and ones too!


Use the booklet below to see how much you have learnt this unit - Place Value to 50.


Is there anything you found a challenge yesterday?  If so then use today's maths session to recap.

If not, then use the link below to recap fact families.  This is something we've found tricky each time we've covered it.  Once you have found the 4 facts, can you use them to find a total of 8 facts?  Remember the second set of facts are reversed.



Monday - work your way through the powerpoint then have a go at the following activity.

Tuesday/Wednesday - Children's choice!

This half term we've had lots of excellent questions about the Polar regions so today and tomorrow, ask an adult to help you research some information about two things you would like to learn more about - linked to our topic.  Write about what you have learnt each day.


Some ideas:-

Mt Erebus


The Antarctic pyramids

Your favourite Polar animal

Inuit traditions 


You can also use your new ICT skills to search Google for some pictures to add to your research.


Thursday - let's see what you can remember from this topic - time for the end of topic quiz!


Friday - Our Poles Apart topic has now come to an end.  Today, I would like you to look back over your topic quiz and re-cap any information questions that you got wrong or couldn't remember the answer too.

Then, I would like you to write about some of the things you have learnt about during this topic.  

What is your favourite thing you've learnt?  Do you have a favourite fact?

Do you prefer the Arctic or the Antarctic? 

What is your favourite Polar animal we have learnt about?

Can you remember where the equator is?

Is there anything you didn't enjoy learning about in this topic?

What do you wish we could learn about in the future related to this topic?