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WB: 14.03.22


A focus on long vowel sounds this week - complete a bit of the booklet each day.


Watch the video and complete the related activity for each day.


Video and Actvity







Friday Maths


This week is national science week!  Our topic this half term is perfect for this week!


Monday - Literacy/Science/ICT

Choose an animal and researach it's life cycle.

Draw the life cycle of the anima into your book and then write about it. 

Please remember to use:

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Full stops

Exclamtion marks (if possible)

using 'and' or 'but' to join/extend sentences

Exciting 'WOW' words




Begin with this video from YouTube

Animal Song

The Animal Song by Have Fun Teaching is a fun and engaging way to teach and learn all about different types of Animals, including Mammals, Birds, Fish, Repti...

Cut out and sort thse animals into their correct groups.  What is similar/different about the animals in each group?

Write a short explanation about each group of animals you have.


Lets get creative today! Design your own animal.  Use the knowledge you have learnt over the last few days.  You can take features from your favourite animals or even think up some new features.  Write about your animal and include the following information:


What group it belongs to, explain why.

What it eats

Where it lives

Special features

It is nocturnal?

Does it adapt/hibernate or migrate?



Create an information leaflet all about your favourite animal.  Use your ICT skills to research it and find some interesting facts.  Please write about it yourself rather than coping information off the computer.  If you are feeling like a challenge, then complete the written part of this activity on the computer.



Use today to create your experiment for science week.  Write about your experiment and include an evaluation once it is complete. 

Remember to consider the following things:


What will your experiment be?

What will you need?

What do you think will happen?

How will you make it a fair test?

What element will change? (if any)

What did you do?


Evaluation - was it what you expected/did anything surprise you.






For Topic this week I've included a link to activities from the natioanl science week website.  I've aso included the link for the national poster competition.  Feel free to explore the website and go science mad this week!