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WB: 21.03.22

Dear Parents,

Apologies for the delay in this weeks home larning.  We have had a few connection problems at school.






Spr1.10.2 - Introduce weight and mass

Tuesday Maths

Spr1.10.3 - Measure mass


Spr1.10.4 - Compare mass


Spr1.10.5 - Mass problems


Literacy/Topic - Science


Today, I would like you to reseach information about animals and what they eat. 

Can you find 5 animals that are:





Write a description to explain what each of these words mean.




Investigate animal featurs.

Begin by looking at this sheet of animal featurs.


Choose 8 featurs to write about.

Which animal has this/these?

What do they use them for?

Do other animals have this?

Which ones and why?

Are they the only animals with this feature?



Choose one of these guided reading challenges to have a go at.

You can do more than one if you really want to!

There are 3 different versions, I would reccomend trying the middle one, but if you want a challenge for yourself, go for the third.

If you can't remember the anwer to a question... Go back and read it!




With the help of an adult, research the word 'extinct'.

Choose an extinct animal to research and write about the following:

Where did it live?

Why is it extinct?

What did it eat?

What classificatin group was it?

Draw and label a picture of it.

What features did it have?




Use the links/pictures below to give you ideas for how to make your own animal habitat in your garden.