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This week we are having a re-cap week.  Complete one activity each day - There is a special one for World Book Day in the World Book Day section!




For each day watch the video and then complete the assigned activity.

Monday - Spr1.8.1 - Compare lengths activity

Complete the activity as you work through the video

Tuesday - Spr1.8.2 - Compare heights activity

Complete the activity within the video

Wednesday - Spr1.8.3 - Compare lengths and heights

Watch the video and the complete the activity sheet

Thursday - see World Book Day



Re-cap all of our grammar learning last half term.  Write about your half term adventures,  When your done check your work and edit to ensure you've included the following:

Green things are essential and should be consistently used bu the children;

Capital letters

Finger spaces

Full stops

Orange are things children should be starting to use more independently;

accurate spelling of tricky words

use of 'and', 'but or 'or' in the sentences 

phonetically correct spellings 

Red are things children might use to extend their own writing 

exclamation marks




Begin by watching this song about the 5 senses then complete the activity below.  If you can't go to ta field or on a walk then use your house and garden.



THE 5 SENSES (catchy song for kids about "see, hear, smell, taste, touch")


Cut out each picture and write about each sense.

What it is used for?

The part of the body that helps with this

Your favourite... (smell, taste etc...)

Is there is anything you don't like related to that sense?




Write a poem using your 5 senses.  I have included a few templates for you to choose from but feel free to make up your own!


World Book Day!



You only have to do one activity for each of the following





Please then choose 2 to do from the bottom ones - you can complete these two any time throughout the week.


1. Phonics - choose your favourite book to share with someone at home.  As you share the book, look to see how many of our phonics sounds you can find in words in the book.


2. Phonics - tricky word hunt!  How many tricky words can you find in your favourite book?


1. Literacy - create a character description for your favourite book character.  Begin by writing a list of words about your character then add them into sentences.  Can you use 'and' to join some of these words together?


2. Write a book review about your favourite book, think about the following;

 - Who is the main character

 - What is the plot for the story?

 - Where is the story set?

 - What is your favourite part?  Why?

 - Are there any parts you dislike?  Why? 


3. Have a go at planning another story for your favourite character from your favourite book.


Extras - Please complete two of these over the course of the week

1.  Read a new book, one you've never read before then write a book review about it


2. Speak to 3 members of your family about their favourite books - pretend your are a news reporter and interview them using the questions above.


3. Complete the book hunt!

4. Visit the world book day website and investigate some of the activities available.  There will be special content available on world book day so make sure you check in around 9am.