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WB: 29.11.21 Resources


Please do 5 - 10 minutes handwriting each day.  Use the powerpoint below to see how to form each of the letters.  Letters for each day can be found on the timetable.




Maths this week is consolidation of some of the skills we have learnt. We are going to re-cap some things we have found a bit tricky to ensure we understand them.



Monday - Fact families - addition facts

This is "Aut1.6.1 - Fact families - addition facts" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Tuesday - Fact families - the 8 facts

This is "Aut1.8.4 - Fact families - the 8 facts" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Wednesday - work through the PowerPoint then have a go at the activity sheet

Thursday - Work through the PowerPoint and then have a go at the activity sheet

Have a go at completing this mission!  It combines all the skills we have been woking on for addition and subtraction!

Good Luck!


Monday - Recognising nouns in sentences

Look through the powerpoint and then have a go at completing the activity sheet.


Tuesday - using punctuation

Another picture to write about today!

Remember all the things we need when writing our sentences!  Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  Underline any nouns you use in blue.  This week I would like you to have a go at extending your sentences with an exciting word or maybe you can have a go at using 'and' to join sentences together!


E.G. All the numbers have fallen off the clock and the wind is blowing them around.




If you were in school and came on our trip yesterday then today I would like you to write a re-count.

Think about:

Where we went

How we got there

What we did

What was your favourite part of the day?

Was there any part of the day you didn't like?

Would you like to go back?


If you wern't on our trip yesterday then write a diary entry about your day as a Victorian school child.  Use the following points to help you.


How did you get to school - mostt Victorian children would walk on their own or with siblings.

What lessons might you have done?  Remember boys and girls wouldn't have done the same.

Did you get in trouble?  What was your punishment?

What did you have for lunch?  Remember children had 2hours for lunch but they had to go home.

Who did you play with at break time?  What did you play?



Think about the different Victorian games we have played recently.  Choose your favourite and write a set of instructions to teach others how to play!

We have played:



Pick up sticks 




You could always get a grown up to help you research a different game that we haven't looked at and write some instructions for that! 




Have a look through this PowerPoint about Victorian Chritmas celebrations.


Have a go at creating a set of information cards to tach people about Victorian Christmas traditions.  I have incuded a set for you to look at.  You're information cards don't need to be quite as detailed as the ones included but it gives you and idea of how you might want to set them out.