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WC: 13.12.21 Resources

We're almost there Year 1!  Some Christmas themed activities this week!






For Maths today, have a go at this arithmatic quiz.  Mums and Dads can help with any words that need reading but please let the children work out the sums on their own.  Don't worry if they get some wrong, it shows us what we need to work on with them when we return to school!


If you've noticed your child has made a mistake you might want to go over somesimilar style questions with them afterwards.



Another quiz today!  Parents can help read the questions to the children, but like yesterday, allow the children to work out the answers on their own.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!


As a festive treat for the final week I've included a festive maths workbook for you to have a go it.  It combines all our addition and subtraction learning we have done in the Autumn term.  You don't have to complete the whole booklet as there is quite a lot but please choose at least two sheets to do on each day!


Have fun!




Please have a go at the SPAG quiz below.  As before, parents can help children read the words but allow them to answer any questions independently.  



We have learnt so much about how childhood has changed over the last 100 years and you have all impressed me so much with how much you have learnt.


Today I would like you to write about some of your favourite things you have learnt and then illustrate your writing with a picture.

Think about:

Victorian Schools

Victorian homes

Our trip




Today I have given you some special paper for you to write a letter to Santa!  I hope you're really going to impress him by remembering to use all the punctuation we have been learning about!

Capital letters,

Finger Spaces,

Full stops





I've included a lovely Christmas picture for you to write about today.  Remembe to use all your punctuation and if you fancy a challenge, try joing some sentences using 'and' and try and include an exclamation mark.

Friday!  Well done everyone, you've made it!

As it's the last day of the term today I've inlcuded a selection of Christmas crafts for you to enjoy.