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WC 15.11.21 Resources


Please do 10-15 minutes handwriting practice each day.  Use the powerpoint below to see how to form your letters.  Letters for each day can be found on the timetable.



Please watch the learning video for each day and then complete the attached activity 

Monday is a repeat of a lesson from last week as the children found this tricky.

Monday - Fact families - the 8 facts

Use the link below to have a go at the fact families.  The game allows for making four but remember you need to make 8.  Write out all 8 you make for each fact family.


Have a go at completing the word problems below.  Number each one on your paper to match the slide number you are working on.  These problems will require you to use a variety of addition and subtraction skills you have learnt during this block.


Begin by watching this episode of Numberblocks about number bonds to 10 to help you re-cap the bonds.

Now have a go at this number bond to 10 activity.


Today we are going to re-cap greater than, less than and equals.  Begin with the song and then have a go at the activity.

The Greater Than Less Than Song | Inequalities Song for Kids | Silly School Songs


Have a go at this quiz today!  See how many skills you can remember from all our addition and subtraction learning.



Look through the powerpoint then have a go at completing the activity below.


Follow this link to find a picture.

Think about the picture and what you can see, how would you feel tobe where the boys are?  What do you think they are looking at.  Use this picture to write some sentences.

Remember to use:  Capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.


Extra challenge - have you used any nouns or verbs in your writing today?  Can you underline any verbs in blue and any nouns in purple?


This week we are learning about toys and games!  Draw a picture of your favourite toy from home.

Label it to show:

What it is made from

Then write some sentences to explain:

Does it move?  If so, how?

Does it need batteries?  What for?

Is this toy special to you?  Why?




First of all today, have a look through this powerpoint about toys from the past.


Cut out the toys and place them onto the correct sheet.  Then write abuot some of the differences between modern day toys and toys from the past. 


Some ideas/things to think about to start you off!


Materials used

How they moved

Use of batteries/charger cables



Today, call up a granparent or older family member and ask them all about their toys from when they were younger.

Some ideas/questions you could ask:

What was your favourite toy?

What were your toys made from?

Did you have any Teddy bears?

How did your toys move?

Do I play with any toys that wouldn't have been around when you were young?


Write about your findings.




This week is anyti-bulling week.

Begin by sharing this powerpoint.

Complete the kind and unkind activity.

Every day this week, do something kind for someone.  Draw some pictures and write about some of the kind things you have done.