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Happy Wednesday everyone!

1) GOAL- To know numbers to a million (Maths)

Remember to mark yesterday's work and to do your corrections if you can.


Today, we are going to be looking at numbers to a million. This is again a bit of revision. Don't worry if you can't manage number 9 as it's quite tricky, but give it a go if you can. Hopefully the rest should be ok!

2) GOAL- To write a newspaper report, describing the situation of our rainforests (Geography/ Writing)

First of all, it is important to remember the features of a newspaper report. Watch the Espresso video to remind you!

Today, you are going to be writing about the situation in the rainforest and what can be done to help the situation. You might be able to include a few facts which you have learnt over the last couple of weeks.


It is also vital to include quotes in a newspaper report. There are 2 types of quotes:

1) Direct

Direct quotes are where we write the exact words which someone said and we use speech marks. For example,

Mr Skelcher reported, "My school is the best school in England."


2) Indirect

Indirect quotes are where we use the word 'that' to report what someone said. For example,

Mr Skelcher reported that his school is the best school in England.


Have a look at the words which have changed!


You'll need to think carefully about how you structure your newspaper report. Have a look at my example below. It is not complete, but should give you an idea of what I'm looking for.



By A. Timms


Currently, our rainforests are under threat. Around 14% of the Earth's surface was covered in rainforests, however this is now more like 6%. This means that over half of the world's rainforests have been lost.


There are many reasons for deforestation. Timber is sold around the world as wood is used for many things. In addition to this, trees are needed for paper and cardboard. One paper company stated, "One standard pine tree produces 20 reams of paper."


Another reason for deforestation is that farmers need clear areas for farmland. 


I am going to leave mine there, but if I were to continue, I would do a couple more paragraphs about the reasons for deforestation and then I would move on to the possible solutions. You may find the slides from yesterday quite useful when doing today's writing! Enjoy! Can you even set yours out like a newspaper report?


As a challenge when you've finished, you may even want to try typing it up on a computer!



Today's challenge is to create a nature bookmark so that you can find your next page during your summer reading.


Simply glue petals and leaves onto a bookmark shaped piece of card. Make a hole in the top and add some string or wool to make a tassel!

Picture 1