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Wednesday 13th Jan

Wake up, Shake up



Hello everybody!

Here are your warm up exercises for this morning!  – I like to move it  – Old town road

Useful Documents


I have attached a document which shows you the groups that the letters fit into for the children's handwriting practice. As stated before, the letters fit into groups that all use reoccurring pencil patterns and we have found that by teaching these letters in the groups, it helps children to remember these patterns of movements, rather than trying to jump from one movement to another. Please take a look as this can be referred to when it comes to their handwriting.

Please also find attached a document containing small sayings, known as 'patters' to help with the formation of each letter of the alphabet, that comes from our new phonics scheme. This will help the children when they do their handwriting practice, to make the link between the pictures for the letters and the formation of each letter.

I have also included a document with the new actions for each letter!

Happy Handwriting - Group 3


Today we are going to move onto our 'Curly Caterpillar' letters (see 'Letter families' document attached above).

Please practice 'c' and 'a'. You can login to 'Espresso' as before and search for 'handwriting' to find the videos for these letters.

To link with our new phonics scheme, please see the document above titled 'Letter formation patters'. These are small sayings that go with each letter from the phonics scheme that we will say to the children to help them to form their letters. This way they will make the link between the phonics picture for the sound/letter and how to write it!

Topic - Rainbows - Part 1


Todays Topic lesson is split into 2 parts. First, I would like you to have a go at filling in the attached sheet (or you can write this out for your child to fill in). For each colour of the rainbow I would like to think of something that is that colour. It may be food, an animal or an object?

Parents...please let your child have a go at sound out their chosen words themselves and writing the letters. use the 'patters' sheet to help your child if they are not sure how to form a letter. Encourage your child to say the word to themselves, slowly and out loud, to help them to hear the different sounds in the word. They may hear the sounds in a different order, this does not matter, we are working on the skill of hearing the sounds first. If they are finding this tricky then you could say the word slowly for them to encourage them to hear sounds.

I cant wait to see their writing so please upload some photos of their work!

I would like you to watch the 'Guided Reading' video first, before moving on to 'Part 2' of the Topic activity!

Guided Reading Story

Still image for this video

Topic - Part 2


I would like you create a collage of a rainbow. Collect different materials from around your home or outside to create your rainbow. For example, you could use leaves, sweet wrappers, cuttings from magazines, fabric scraps, twigs, paint etc. You could even find different coloured items and make a rainbow with many more colours. How many different colours can you think of? It does not need to be in a rainbow ‘arc’ shape either. You can create your rainbow collage in whatever shape you would like.

Also think about the materials you are choosing. Are they the right size or do they need to be bigger or smaller? How are you going to make them bigger/smaller? How are you going to stick them down? Can you use your own tools and techniques to create the rainbow without adult help?

I would them like you to stick your rainbow in a window in your house, looking out, just like some of us did during the last lockdown, just like the girl in the story, and take a photo of it to upload to Tapestry. I will then create a slide show of these on our website 'Reception' page!

Thank you!



Marvellous Maths


Please click on the link below to access White Rose Home Learning video's and select video 4 to watch.


I have attached below, cards to play the activity from the video, seeing who has more or fewer. There are some blank ones so you can make your own as well. Again, these do not have to be printed, feel free to draw and cut out your own cards. 

Alternatively, take turns to roll a dice and count how many spots you get. then collect that many objects and then see who has more or fewer. You could do this 10 times and record who wins each time and then see who the winner is out of 10! could show your child how to do this using a tally system. 

Phonics - Miss Johnson's Group


Hello everyone! Today we are looking at the letter 'n'. Please watch the video below by clicking on the 'loom' link.


I have attached a 'buried nuts' game to print, or alternatively, draw out the parts needed, and then play together at home. The parts do not need laminating! I have also uploaded the audio's for the letter sound and song. Enjoy!

Sound for the letter n

Letter n song

Phonics - Mr Singleton's Group


Good morning Reception,

Today we are looking at the letter and sound 'W'. Please watch today's loom by clicking on the link below. Audio's are attached for the letter sound and song. These do not need to be laminated, but can be printed or written on paper, and then cut out. You could hide them around the house for your child to find or turn them upside down, or even put them in a bag and your child has to close their eyes and pull one out at a time!

Have fun :-) 


Letter W sound

Letter W song