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Good morning Nursery children and parents,


We hope you're enjoying learning about the police so far this week.


Task 1



Recap on the letter j and the action which goes with it. Practise writing and forming the letter j. Ask your child to write it in the air using their magic writing finger. Practise writing it in as many fun ways as they can think of. Let them choose. Here are some examples: Can they write it on your back? Can they form it using fruit or vegetables? Can they write it using chalk? etc.


Task 2


Click on the link below and listen to the story about Chester Chestnut and how he learns to manage his big feelings. Have a chat about your own big feelings and when you might feel like Chester does. What could you do when you feel this way?

Task 3


This week, we would like you to investigate patterns. Click on the Espresso link below which shows patterns made using pegs. There are four different clips showing different patterns. Discuss them with your child.

We hope you have a wonderful day,


Mrs Loquens and Miss Lesson