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Wednesday 18th

Dough Disco - Start your morning off with some dough disco again. Maybe you have some hama beads at home you could create a design with. Or look at the pictures below for some more fine motor skill activity ideas. 

Circletime - So, we would have had a whole class circletime in clss, but you can have a mini circletime with people at home. Today we are going to revisit Anti-bullying week. Ask your child if they can remember what bullying is? 

I have uploaded a document below with some scenarios of unkind behvaviour. These d not need printing but read them out 1 by 1 and encourage your child to think of what they might do for each one. 

Happy Handwriting (Group 3)

So, group 3, I would like you to recap over the letters s and a. Click on the Espresso link below and login using

Username: student29797

Password: quinton

In the search bar type 'handwriting' and click on the tab with the 'F' next to it. Click on 'videos' down the left hand side and then scroll through to select the letter videos you need. If you feel your child can form these letters correctly, move on to 't' and 'p'. 

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Here are some activities you can do related to our Talk for Writing book this week.


Shoe parts - Collect some different types of shoes from around your house (Trainers, pumps, high heels, boots etc). With your child, talk through what the different parts of the shoes are called. (Sole, tongue, laces, buckles, velcro, insole). Can they draw a shoe and have a go at labelling the different parts? 


Size ordering - Collect some different sized shoes from around your house and see if your child can put them in roder from the longest to the shortest or vica versa.


What are they for? - For all the different types of shoe you find, ask your child when they think they may wear this type of shoe. What activity would they wear it for?



I have uploaded a snapshot of a document we use to inspire our Maths activities. Please choose 2 activities to do today and then the other 2 can be saved for Friday's Marvellous Maths session. This week the children will be looking at different ways we can make the numbers 1, 2 and 3. 

First watch the Numberblock video for number 3. 


The double sided counters you can make easily by cutting circles out of card and colouring each side in a different colour.


If you don't have any small world animals then you could draw some or use anything else you may feel fitting.


I have uploaded the 'number shapes' that they talk about (at school we call these numicon). you can print these and cut them out or draw your own and cut them out. 


Bunny ears - Just need fingers!!

Guided Reading - See Tapestry later for todays story


Music - I will be uploading the actions for the next two songs in our nativity. Here are the lyrics!