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Good morning Year 3, welcome to Wednesday. Once again, don’t worry if you can’t complete all the work, just do your best.



Maths starter activity:

As before, write down your score in the back of your maths book. Can you beat your best score? Hopefully, by now you are ready to focus on the x3 and x4 tables. Perhaps, you could even try the x8 (which is just double x4).

GOAL- To Tell the Time to 5 Minutes

Today’s lesson is to tell the time to 5 minutes. Some of you will feel confident and want to tackle the questions straight away. If you’d like a little more help, listen to me talking through the questions.



Answers to today's questions:


GOAL: Reading Comprehension


The Tour de France is a very popular, long cycling race that is held mostly in France. Your task today is a comprehension about this exciting race. Pick the one that you think suits you best. 4 is the hardest. Remember to answer in full sentences if possible and give as much detail as possible – think about handwriting too, please.

Answers to reading comprehensions: