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Good morning Year 3, here are your tasks for Wednesday. Once again, don’t worry if you can’t complete all the work, just do your best. This is particularly important with the TIME topic – everybody masters this at different speeds. It’s OK to find this tricky.



Maths starter activity:

As before, write down your score in the back of your maths book. Can you beat your best score? Hopefully, by now you are ready to focus on the x3 and x4 tables. Perhaps, you could even try the x8 (which is just double x4)


GOAL- To Compare Durations 

“Comparing Durations” means to find out how long 2 different things took. Then to work out which was quicker or took longer. You can also be asked to find out what the difference in time was (how much longer one thing took). For example, breakfast could take 15 minutes but dinner 40 minutes. Dinner took longer by 25 minutes (40-15=25)


Once again, you’ll need to remember that there are 60 minutes in an hour. Write down your working out, don’t try to do most of these in your head. Number lines make this much easier:


               60 minutes                          60 minutes                    60 minutes


08:00                               09:00                               10:00                          11:00




If you are finding Time really tricky, do not worry. Try these practice questions instead of today’s other tasks:



Answers to today’s questions:


GOAL: Improve Comprehension Skills

Your literacy task today is a comprehension. Pick which one is the hardest that you think you can do and try that. 


1 - easier          2 - medium          3 - harder


Reading and questions:

Comprehension answers:
If you would prefer something a little easier, try this: