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Wednesday 30/09/20

Good morning Year 2,

How is your Home Learning going?  Take it one day at a time and just do your best.


laughHappy Fact laugh Otters 'hold hands' while they sleep so that they don't float away from each other.  How cute is that?

Reading are you getting on with reading daily?  Have you found any tricky words or words that you don't know the meaning of?  If you have, make sure you discuss them with an adult.  Can you remember what you have read so far and recall the details?

Morning Work

Your morning task today is to think about VIPERS!. Use your inference skills - write answers to the questions below.  



Where is this bench?

Who put the bench there?

Who sits on it?

Is the bench old or new?  Why do you think that?

Does the bench look comfortable?



First of all, mark your work from yesterday, do any corrections needed, then have a go at the Flashback 4.  Remember, Flashback 4 is like a short revision task with work already covered in previous lessons.

GOAL: to understand fact families
Today, you are going to work on 'Fact Families'.  You worked on this last year so I'm sure you remember some of it. But, don't worry, I've got some examples to share with you before you start. 
Now, have a go at the worksheet.  Then, try the extension (Ex) if you are keen to challenge yourself. 


GOAL: to research a famous African person and create a fact file about them.


Today's task is to create a Fact File about Nelson Mandela.  This is part of our topic about Africa.  As well as using your  Knowledge Organiser for some information about him, I have added a couple of links for more information.

Now, print the sheet (link below) or create your own headings/subheadings/pictures in your book and write about Nelson Mandela.