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Good morning Nursery,


It's the middle of the week already.


Task 1

It's time to have a go at writing the letter 'v'. First model to your child how to write it. Use the link below.

Now practise writing it in lots of different places and in different ways. This could be using: chalk on the pavement, a paint brush dipped in water on the fence, leaves and natural materials from the garden. Let your child choose.


Task 2

Click on the link below and listen to the story.

Task 3

It's time to play a turn taking game. Make cards with the numbers 1-5, 1-10 or 11-20 depending on your child's ability. Show them the cards and see if they can remember which number they are. Place the numbers in order, going up  the stairs. If you don't have stairs then you could just lay the cards in a large circle in the living room or garden. Find 2 soft objects like a rolled up pair of socks. Take turns to call out a number and see if you can get your object to land on that card.


Sing your favourite nursery rhymes together.


Have a great day,

Mrs Loquens and Miss Leeson