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Picture 1

Here is your Wednesday morning ‘wild workout’!

White Rose Maths

Today you are looking at the concept of ‘how many more’ to work out addition sums in a different way. Also, some classification of food as well! Fitting in nicely with our topic theme.


Today, I would like you to paint or draw a picture of the jungle and include animals from each animal group that we looked at on Monday. You can recap over the different groups first and the types of animals you may find in each group. Now, paint/draw your picture. Think of animals that live in the jungle and what group they fall into. Where in the jungle would you find this animal? In water? Walking on the ground? In the trees? Flying in the sky or crawling on a tree trunk?


If using paint, you can paint the animals on a separate piece of paper so that your jungle background can dry and then you can cut around your animals and stick them on. This way all the paint colours won’t mix together.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Ask your child to write these words.
  • Thin, path, thick, bath, them, cloth
  • Introduce the phoneme ‘ng’. Click on the Espresso link and login. Type ‘Scraps phonics’ and click on the first result. Then select ‘ng’ and watch the video. The video will demonstrate how to form this sound when writing it. Draw a line in your child’s book and ask them to practice their ‘ng’ across the line.
  • I have also attached a document with the action and song on, and the jolly phonics songs link so you can find and sing the song.
  • Model writing the words ‘sing, ring and ping-pong’. Make a paper booklet and ask your child to write ‘I can…’ sentences at the top of each page and then they can draw a picture underneath.
  • I can sing, I can ring, I can ping-pong, I can sing a song. I can run along. I can be a king

Miss Johnson’s/Mrs Chambers Group’s

  • Click on the PhonicsPlay link and login. Select ‘resources’ and the game ‘picnic on pluto’. Select Phase 3 and then you can select +ear to practice reading words with this sound in.
  • Introduce the new phoneme ‘air’. Click on the Espresso link above, login and search for ‘pollys phonics’. Click on the first tab and select this new sound to watch the video.
  • Ask your child to write these words.
  • Fair, lair, chair, hair, pair.
  • Now write these sentences and ask your child to read them.
  • Do I need to cut his hair? Put that pair of socks on the chair. He went back to his lair.