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Good Morning Everyone!


Which animal do you see in this picture?

Apologies for anyone who has 'read ahead' but there has been a slight change in order due to the addition of transition day this week.


It was absolutly amazing to see you all!  I've truly missed you and am only sorry we didn't get more time together!


Your letters should all arrive in the post tomorrow so post-pone your letter writing reply until you have your letter!  This means I won't be expecting your replies until Monday.  We should get chance to make at least one more exchange before the summer.


Today, instead I'm asking you to complete the Literacy task for Thursday and then you can write your letter tomorrow.

GOAL:  To identify missing numbers in a sum

For Math's today I would like you to have a go at the activities below.  There are two to choose from for addition so have a go at whichever one you feel suits you the best, one is more of a challenge than the other.