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Wednesday 6th January

Welcome Back Year 4!


🌟🌟Happy New Year.🌟🌟

This is not how we expected to be teaching you this term but we know from last term that you are all really enthusiastic about your learning and we know that all of you can rise to the challenge of homeschooling. Parents we appreciate your support and recognise that homeschooling is with challenges, if you are having issues please contact us, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Havard in school through a phone call during school hours or an email. For the next few days the learning can be found on the class page of the school website and from next week we are going to be putting your learning on google classroom which we have been busy learning how to use in school. Please bear with us as we are just a few steps ahead with the new technology.

A few differences from last time when we did homeschooling is that we will be asking you to bring your work in this time at the end of lockdown so we can see what fabulous work you have been doing. During this week you will be receiving a homeschooling pack which has books for you to complete your work in and some stationery, please make sure you  complete your work in your books to the same standard we would expect in school. Joining up your handwriting, writing in pen in your topic book and in sentences with capital letters and full stops, working in pencil in your maths book forming your numbers clearly and accurately. We are also sending you some speed tables worksheets which we do as part of our maths daily warm up, some mental and arithmetic maths sheets, maths sheets and reading comprehensions for the term so that you don’t need to print them and no excuses for not being able to do the work.πŸ˜€


These worksheets are the same as we would normally do in school and during the term we will be explaining what to do with them so you don’t need to do them all at once or get ahead with them as we will be explaining what to do through our daily loom videos. We have also included your knowledge organiser for this term where we will be studying the English monarchs and there will be quizzes. We will be doing a spelling test so we have included your spelling lists in you homeschooling packs for the term. As the term progresses there will be some worksheets which you will need to print off, if you don’t have access to a printer let us know and the week before we can print off the worksheets for you in school and then an adult can pick them up for you.


We know you are superstars and you can do this. 😁


Copy out the times table triangles onto a piece of paper.

Fill in the times table triangles using your times table and division facts for the 6x, 7x and 9x tables. 

Use the worksheet below to help you think of some New Year's Resolutions. Write them out on a piece of paper that you have at home. Can you decorate it and present it in a creative way?
Class Story
We are going to be reading a story to you on a daily basis so make sure you listen πŸ‘‚πŸ»and watch πŸ‘€ the loom as there are some pictures for you to look at. Our first story this term is The Bayeux Tapestry which is about the events leading up to William the Conqueror taking the English crown in 1066. This ties in with our topic this term Reign Over Us.