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Try a ‘Wild Workout’ for your Wednesday morning exercise

White Rose Maths

Today’s activities look at problems and dangers. Discuss with your adult what the danger might be for each of the pictures listed and how the snail could be careful. This links well with the ‘Health and self-care’ section of the Early Years curriculum.



Today I would like you to have a go at moving around like some jungle animals. First of all, to warm up, watch the web-link and have go at moving like the animals in the video.

 Now I would like you to experiment with different ways of moving for jungle animals. Think carefully about how you think each animal would move based on their size and their characteristics. For example, would a snake by flying in the sky? Would an elephant be crawling on the ground? Think about animals such as… gorilla, jaguar, sloth, toucan, orangutan. parrot, chimpanzee, giraffe, snake…or even choose your own.

Have a practice and then decide on an order you would like to perform your animal movements in. Use the web link for jungle music to perform your movements to.


Mrs Huckfield’s Group

  • Play ‘Quickwrite’. See how quickly your child can write these words.
  • jet, jug, van, vet, wig, wet, wax, six
  • Select the PhonicsPlay link, login, select Resources and Dragons Den. Select Phase 3 and then click on + x.
  • Now click on the Espresso link, login, search for Scraps Phonics, select Activities down the left hand side and scroll down to Set 6 and play ‘Segmenting’.

Miss Johnson’s/Mrs Chambers Group’s

  • Login to PhonicsPlay using the link above, select Phase 3 Resources and select the game ‘Pick a Picture’. Then select ‘Phase 3 digraphs’. Encourage your child to sound out and read the word and then select the correct picture to match.
  • Recap over 2 syllable words. Write down these words and ask your child to read them. Liquid, wicked, boatman, tonight.
  • Print off or draw out the uploaded document of transport pictures and their matching words. Ask your child to match up the words to the pictures.
  • Now, can they write a sentence to go with each of the pictures e.g. The car is green and fast.