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Wednesday 6th January

Welcome Back Year 3!


For the next few days your learning can be found on these class pages of the school website. On Monday, our work area will be moving to Google Classroom (you'll receive information about this). Each of you has a pack in school which includes a writing and a maths book - I'll be collecting these in when the Lockdown ends so that I can see how you have done (House Points will be awarded too). Remember, do what you can and don't worry smiley



WEDNESDAY 6th January

THURSDAY 7th January

FRIDAY 8th January


GOAL: To Revise x2, x4 and x8 tables

GOAL: To Compare Statements (Using < = >)

GOAL: To Solve Related Calculations (eg: 2 x 3 and 20 x 3)


GOAL: To write about Your New Years’ Resolutions 

GOAL: To write about a Memorable Journey that you have taken

GOAL: To Learn how to use Inverted Commas to Show Speech in a Story


 GOAL: To Make Yourself a Passport!



Today is a revision day (that means go through something again). For Year 3's maths, we are going to try and remember all the work we did on our x2 x4 and x8 tables. Most of us don't know all of these yet, so this will be useful. You could start by writing out these tables: eg 1 x 2 = 2     2 x 2 =4     3 x 2 = 6 ...


Before you try to answer today's questions, perhaps watch me talk through this topic:

Here are your questions for today. The first page is easier but many of you will be able to do the second page too:
If you are finding this task a little tricky. Focus on writing out the x2 table (doubling) and learning it. You could also try this space race:


GOAL: Write about New Year's Resolutions

Your first literacy task of the year is two write about your New Year resolutions. You should think about what you enjoyed last year and what you would like to do in 2021. You can use this sheet to help you with your planning and gathering of ideas for your sentences: 


Your topic task for this week is to make a passport! A passport is a special booklet that everyone needs to travel to another country. We are going to be doing a lot of travelling during our Transport topic so I thought this might be useful. You should add your own information and decorate / colour how you like. In case you cannot print out the passport at home, I have put a copy inside the folders which you will be collecting from school.

Class Story

Our book for this term is The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. I shall read you part of the story every day:

Well done everybody, a good first day of learning in Lockdown.