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Wednesday 6th January

Good Morning Year 6!


Mrs Timms and Mrs Lancashire here! Here we are in lockdown again, but we know how well you have done at home learning before, and we know that you can do it again! Today and for the rest of this week, all of your work will be here on the website. Starting from next week, all of your work will be accessed via Google Classroom (we have used this in class a bit, so you are at least familiar with it). We will be sending more details out about this soon though, so don't worry!

When we return to school, whenever that may be, we will be asking for you this time to bring all of your home learning back in with you! We will then be able to see how hard you have worked, we will be able to share our work, and we will also be able to see anything which we might need to work on a bit more. When you are completing your tasks, please make sure you do so to the best of your ability, thinking carefully about your presentation. Our slot to collect exercise books is not until Friday, so do your work on paper for now, and then you will be able to stick it all in!

GOAL- To understand decimals to three decimal places

Watch the Loom video, and then have a go at the work. There is an extension too, so see if you can challenge yourself. If you're able to print the sheets, you can, but you can easily write the answers on some paper (to stick in your book when you collect it on Friday). Just remember to label your answers, so you know which is which when it comes to marking tomorrow! If you complete all the work and are still eager for more, get yourself on Times Tables Rockstars!


GOAL- To write a diary and postcard

Firstly, listen to the first chapter of our new Class Novel 'Goodnight Mr Tom'. Then, watch Mrs Lancashire's Loom video, pausing as you need to, before having a go at your diary entry! We know they will be amazing!

Well done everyone! A good first day of home learning! See you tomorrow! laugh