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Wednesday 6th January

Hello Year 1!


I hope you've all had the most wonderful Christmas and are ready for a fun filled New Year!

I'm so sorry that our New Year adventure as Year 1 is starting with lockdown, however I know from our previous term together that your enthusiasm and love for learning will continue to shine through!  So without further ado, let's get to it!


Parents - apologies for the long read - just a bit of house keeping before we get down to it!


We will be working from the school website for the rest of the week, before moving to Google classrooms for the remainder of our lockdown adventure!  I'm no tecno whizz but have been working hard to learn new skills in order to share with you our lessons for the coming weeks!  Everyday is a school day!


Hopefully, by lunchtime, most of you will have collected your home learning books and some material from school.  I know you will all be itching to get going with the work!  You will receive a Maths book and a Topic book.  You will also have 6 arithmetic tests and 6 reading comprehensions - please wait until prompted to complete these!   I know there will be lots of eager beavers amongst you so by all means have a sneaky peek...  but keep it as that for now! 


When we return to school all children will be asked to hand in their home leaning books for review.  I am already looking forward to seeing the amazing work that you will all complete during the next 6 weeks.  I know I have already said this, but I am truly sorry we cannot be doing this all together.




Ok, so after all of that information, lets get our heads into gear.  There is no better way to start the day than with a dance, so click the link below, turn the music up and dance, dance, dance...  If you would like to join me in this it would be wonderful, lets suggest 10:30am so we know that we're all doing this together!  Yes, me too! 

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)

Pharrell Williams - Happy Music Video with Minions | Abonnieren ➤ | Despicable Me 3 Viral Movie #Trailer | Filminfos

Our first lesson today is Maths.

Click on the link below to follow along with our whole class session - there might be a couple of familiar faces!


GOAL:  To add by counting on


You will need a whiteboard and pen / paper and pen or pencil.

Below are the resources needed for the lesson.

There is a worksheet to complete during the session - do this along with the loom video when prompted or complete after the video.


You will also find printable number lines and a set of number cards to print.


When printing the number cards please minimise them and print multiple pages on one sheet otherwise you will have one number per A4 sheet.

Next up is Literacy - today we are going to have a recap on all of our grammar skills.  Begin by watching the Loom video!
GOAL:  To remember my punctuation when writing a sentence
enlightenedIn the video I refer the the check sheet and image for writing to be uploaded... due to a few technical hitches I have been unable to do this so please pause the Loom in the appropriate places to complete the task and I will keep trying throughout the morning to upload them for you.

Finally for today we are going to be having a recap of our phonics sounds.  Today we will look at some of our more well known sounds from Phase 3.

Share the following power-point with your child and see if they can identify each of the sounds then ask them to have a go at writing the word for the picture that matches each sound.  If you want an additional challenge then you can ask your child to include that word within a sentence.

One last treat for you all today...

I know we never managed to get to the end of our BFG adventure together... But we will!


Mrs Groves has kindly continued our story for you.  Each day, as in class, we will still have our daily novel.  After all your hard work for today, sit back, relax and enjoy...