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Wednesday 6th January

Good morning Year 2

Happy New Year to you all.  It's not quite the way we expected to start the term, but we have been in this situation before so I'm sure that we will all do our best to make the most of our lockdown learning opportunities.  I already know how amazing you are at coping with this situation.  So let's go!


For the rest of this week, your work will be set here on the Class Pages. From next week, we will be presenting work on Google Classroom. I've been exploring how to use it as I haven't used it before, so we will all be learning something new. We can do it! blush


Don't forget to collect your books this afternoon. yes  Included is the Knowledge Organiser and homework timetable, as well as the spelling list and target sheets for this half term. I have printed 6 reading comprehension sheets and 6 arithmetic tests for you (one comprehension activity and one arithmetic test to be completed every week). 


We are all expecting you to bring your books back to school whenever you are allowed to return, so make sure that you date your work each day, present your work neatly and do your best to complete as much of the work as possible.   You have done this before, so I know that I can count on you to do it again - no problem! The important thing to remember is 'Just do your best'.  



After that, and using both documents as a prompt/planning sheet, write a few sentences about your Christmas holiday.  You don't have to write too much (no more than half a page).  Just enough to get you writing again after the two week break!  I look forward to reading your recounts when you come back to school.  


Each day you will usually have a Flashback 4 task and a True or False task.  Have a go at those and then work on the main maths task of the day.  

The Flasback 4 document above has 3 tasks, one for each day (Wed, Thurs and Fri this week).  Just complete one each day. 

Have a look at the video before completing the times table task below. 
When you have finished that task, play Hit the Button and work on your x2 tables.  I know you love this, so enjoy!
Now that you have completed the other tasks, try the 'True or False' question.

Topic task

Our topic is 'Pioneers'.  Two of the pioneers that we will be learning about are: Neil Armstrong and Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  Once you pick up your books from school this afternoon, please have a look at the Knowledge Organiser to find out a bit more.  Then create a Topic page with Pioneers as the heading.  If you have access to the internet, you might like to print a picture of these two men or draw them in your books. For Neil Armstrong, you may like to draw the moon and earth, a space shuttle or moon buggy, space suit etc and for Isambard Kingdom Brunel you may want to draw a railway line or a bridge.  Be as creative as you like! wink


Sammy the Street Dog


I'm going to read this story over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy it! smiley