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Wednesday 7th October

Gooooooood Morning Year 2,

How are you today?  Nearly there, so keep doing your best! 


Happy Fact: Another video clip for you today!  Again, this is an older clip, but it is such a happy story laugh  Ask someone at home to copy the link for you, then they can read the brief details about this success story with you, before watching the video: Keep smiling smiley


Are you up to date with your reading?  Mrs Nicholds and I are looking forward to seeing how much you've managed to read, despite only having one school book for 2 weeks.  How inventive have you been?

Morning work

Your morning work today is to use your VIPERS skills again.  Use your inference skills and imagination to answer the questions. Be as creative as you like! 


Where is it from?

Why is it so small?

Are there more like him?

Where does he live?

How will you look after it?

Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?

What is it called?

Is it magic?  What magic can it do?


As usual, start with the Flashback 4.  It's all good revision work, so hopefully you're managing to do as much of this as you can. 

GOAL: number bonds to 100


Today's task is working on your number bonds to 100.  Use your knowledge of related facts to help you work out the answers to today's questions.

Have a look at the video first, then have a go at the number bonds to 100 activity.  There is an extension if you want to do more. 
I'm sure you flew through that work, so have a look at the extension and give it a go. 


GOAL: to locate some major landmarks in Africa.


Today you are going to do some Geography topic work -  it's a creative task. Adult help will be needed with this one and access to the internet to find the information.  (Something fun for you to enjoy doing together!)


You will need a map of Africa.  There is a blank one below, but you could just try to draw one in your book - it doesn't have to be perfect!  The task is to draw (small) pictures of some of the major landmarks of Africa. 


Use the document below to check which landmarks I'd like you to represent on your map. I have also attached a map of Africa showing the countries, so you can use that too. You may even have an Atlas at home.  That would be perfect.


If you haven't got access to the internet to find the information, I have included a list of countries to use.  Just try your best with this task.

Map of Africa - blank

Use this list if you haven't got access to the internet