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Week 03.05.22


All Phonics planning can be found on Tapestry.



This week we are learning about rainbows, how they are made and the real colour order in a rainbow. First I have attached a Powerpoint all about rainbows to share with your child. Then I have attached a 'Grow a rainbow' experiment. Your child will be amazed at this. Use the word 'absorbed' with your child and explain that it is when a material takes in water/moisture like if you spilt some water you could dry it up with a towel because the towel would absorb (take in) the water. There are some materials that cannot absorb water e.g. plastic and can be described as waterproof (the water just rolls off them). You could even do your own experiment and investigate materials that can absorb and cannot absorb liquids. 


We are also going to look at the order of the colours in a real rainbow. If you open up the Powerpoint again, you can look at the slide with the rhyme on to remember the order. With your child, have a go at creating your own rhyme to remember the colour order. Write the first letter of each colour down the left hand side of a piece of paper and then your child can think of words beginning with each of the letters. I can't wait to hear these rhymes! you can make them as funny as you like!


I have then uploaded a couple more rainbow experiments you could have a go at, one involves skittles!



Your child could even have a go at making a rainbow collage, finding materials and objects to either stick to make a rainbow or to place onto the carpet/table to then take a photo of. 

Marvellous Maths

This week we are beginning to look at subtraction.


Session 1 - Please watch the video below. You and your child can then have a go at the activity. I have attached a tens frame for you or you can draw one out. You will need 10 counters to fill up the frame and number cards 1-3. I have also attached these but you could also write these and cut them out of paper. Have 2 of each number 1-3 and lay them face down. Take turns to turn over a card and remove that many counters. Each time turn the number card back over. Keep going until one person turns over a number card which would take away the last remining counters. 

Session 6 - Taking Away with Pebbles

First Then Now - Wk 2 - Session 1 - Taking Away with Pebbles

Session 2 - Please watch the video and then have a go at the activity using a box and some soft toys. I have attached a tens frame that your child may want to use with some counters to help them to visually move the counters to find the answer. 

Session 7 - Taking Away (1)

First Then Now - Wk 2 - Session 2 - Taking Away (1)

Session 3 - Please watch the video and then have a go at the coin activity. You can use coins or any small object. You can also use the number flash cards that I uploaded for session 1 or make your own. You will need the number line as well on the 2nd page of the pdf. Ask your child to pick a number card and lay out that many objects. They close their eyes and you take away some of the objects (leave the number card they chose visible). When they open their eyes they can use one of the uploaded arrows to place above the number of objects there were to start with. Then they can place counters over the number of objects (starting from 1) that there are now. They the need to count the remaining space on the number line up to the arrow to find out how many have been taken. 

Try to encourage your child to do these steps independently. Ask them "what do we need to do next?" or "How can we work that out?" or "How many counters do we need to put on the number line?" etc. 

Session 9 - Taking Away - Unknown Then

First Then Now - Wk 2 - Session 4 - Taking Away - Unknown Then

Guided Reading


Here are a selection of readings of books we are sharing in class this week.  

The Boy and the Rainbow💖📚Kids Books Read Aloud

On a grey, rainy day, the boy finds a special key. Little does he know, he is about to embark on a colourful adventure as he steps inside a rainbow!#read​#Ki...

The World Made a Rainbow by Michelle Robinson | Kids Book Read Aloud

readaloud #covid #teachersHello everyone, Today I will be reading the ever so wonderful book called "The World Made a Rainbow" by the talented author Michel...

The Mixed Up Chameleon Read Aloud