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Week 05.01.22

This week is Penguin Week!!! We are starting the new term with the book shown above, which focuses on the subject of Maths. On Wednesday morning, the children will arrive in school to find that we have had a surprise delivery!?!? A PENGUIN! And so the fun begins...


The children will then be read the story in class and for the rest of the week, most of our activities will be based around penguins and Maths. Please find a link below to a reading of this story online. 

365 Penguins! 🐧


All Phonics learning and activities can be found on Tapestry.


Writing Challenge


This week, for your writing challenge, I would like you to write about either some presents that you got for Christmas or what you did for Christmas. For example you could write...

'For Christmas I got a massive trampoline' OR 'I got a book all about Santa Claus'. 

You may want to write...

'On Christmas day my family came over. We had turkey for lunch and it was yummy!'.

I have uploaded some present templates that you could write this on. 

Marvellous Maths

This week we are finishing off our learning in the phase of 'Light and Dark'. We are looking at shapes, daytime and night time activities and sequencing activities.



Today we are actually doing 2 powerpoints and 2 activities as they link well with each other. The first focuses on Squares and Rectangles. Each powerpoint begins with some spots. Your child should be encouraged to tell you how many spots they can see without counting them. This is called 'Subitising'. Continue, talking about the shapes and how many sides/corners they have and what makes a rectangle different to a square. Then they can sort the shapes on the powerpoint and activity sheet, into piles. 


The next powerpoint starts with the spots again and then moves on to looking for shapes in the everyday world and identifying these shapes. You could then go on a shape walk around your house, with your child and see what shapes you could find. You may want to make a tally of how many of each shape you find. I have uploaded a sheet you may want to use for this. 



Todays Powerpoint starts with the spots again and then looks at night and day. Your child can have a go at identifying the activity on the picture cards and deciding if they think it is an activity that is done in the daytime or at night time. There may be a could that trick your child as they could be done at either time! After doing this activity on the Powerpoint they can then do it with the sheet cut-outs. 


Todays Powerpoint starts with the spots again and then moves onto some step by step activities that your child can have a go at sequencing the pictures for, saying which step is first, next etc. 

Your child could then choose an activity that they do, and have a go at drawing pictures to create a step by step sequence of how to do the activity. 

Maths Challenge

The Maths challenge for this week is to use objects that are the same (For example we would use cubes that are all the same) to measure how tall pictures of penguins are. Your child can then write the number in the box provided. 


Of course, we will be learning all about penguins, what they do and eat, the different types and the lifecycle of a penguin. Below I have uploaded some powerpoints that you can look through together. I have also uploaded a writing sheet with 2 of these penguin species on. I wonder if you can remember any facts about them and write them down?

I have also attached a link to a lovely story about a penguin egg and a BBC clip from a famous David Attenborough TV show called 'Spy in the Huddle' where a camera followed different species of penguin for a while to see what they got up to!



Rockhopper Penguins Hop to the Top - Penguins: Spy in the Huddle - Episode 1 Preview - BBC One

An Emperor's Egg by Martin Jenkins

Penguins Learn to Skate - Penguins: Spy in the Huddle - Episode 3 Preview - BBC One