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Week 06/12/21


All Phonics learning and resources can be found on Tapestry (1 activity per day).


Marvellous Maths

This week we are continuing to look at the composition of numbers 4 and 5. The children will be using rhymes as well as physical objects to help them to see this. 

In this first session the children are exploring building shapes using 4 or 5 cube blocks. In the example they are used OXO cubes which is a brilliant idea if you have nothing else cubed shape in the house! You may have some toy blocks you could use. 

This next session uses the rhyme '1 elephant went out to play' to help children to see how quantities get bigger the more you add. If you are not familiar with this song there is a YouTube link for it below. Again, you will need some stackable cubes so each time and elephant is added you create a new column of cubes to match. Your child will see the towers of cubes getting taller each time. 

The third session uses the rhyme of '10 green bottles' but it starts from 5 (I'm sure you know this rhyme but again, i have uploaded a link below to the song on YouTube). This time your child will be exploring how quantities get smaller each time an object is taken away. Again you will need the cubes to demonstrate this visually and also some objects to act as the 5 bottles. 

The final session works on finding 1 more or less than numbers up to 5, by hiding objects in a bucket and then using a 5 frame to help you to work out the answer. This can easily be drawn out on paper as it is just 5 squares in a row. Your child can then place the objects in the 5 frame to help them to visualise what quantities look like. 


We are continuing with our writing on what we think a dragon needs to learn how to do. Below is a link to the story 'Zog' which your child could watch and listen to to give them some ideas! 


This week I would like you to write a numbered list of things you think this particular creature needs to learn how to do, almost like a step by step guide of how to be a good...


Below is the link for the story again...please do not watch any further than stated until they have completed the writing task. Your child is then free to listen to the rest of the story.