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Week 07.02.22


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This week is 'Children's Mental Health Week' which we celebrate in school every year. This year the theme is 'Growing Together'. This is all about growing emotionally, and so, in Reception, we are going to be looking at our feelings, different reasons for which we may feel these ways and how these feelings are expressed. We will also be thinking about how to regulate our feelings, maybe stop ourselves from doing something we know we shouldn't and how we can make ourselves feel better. 

We are starting the week off with a Power-point which explains to the children what the term 'Mental Health' actually means. We will also be looking at one all about different feelings.


Along the way we will be listening to some stories which help to show and demonstrate feelings, how they are expressed and how we can help ourselves and others. Below are some stories that you could share with your child.

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters by Lara Ede and Rosie Greening

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters by Lara Ede and Rosie GreeningMeet the Worry Monsters: they eat your worries and make them disappear! Frettie Fluster is a wor...

Sarah Ferguson reading Can I have a Hug by Rosie Greening

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Throughout the week we are going to have some craft activities related to this theme as well as a writing challenge. Below are the craft ideas. The children can choose to make a courage jar, just like the one Milton has in the story. They could also make a worry monster that they could tell all their worries to, or a worry box they could write down their worries and pop them in. 

There are also some scenario cards which give some statements. Your child needs to decide which ones are good for your mental health and which ones are bad. 

And finally, your child could have a think about some strategies to help them if they are feeling certain ways e.g. angry and how to help them to feel calm again so they can deal with their emotion or the situation appropriately and calmly. Below are some posters to help your child with some ideas. They could make a mind map of these ideas. 

Writing Challenge

This week your child will be designing their own colour monster based on a feeling they have felt before and writing about what feeling they have had and what made them feel like that. We have listened to the story of the Colour Monster before and so your child should be familiar with it!

Maths Challenge

As we are now working within the Phase 'Growing 6, 7, 8' this weeks challenge works on recognising by sight and counting up to these numbers and sorting them next to the correct numeral. 

Marvellous Maths

Mondays session looks at matching 6, 7 and 8 and the different ways they are represented. After watching the video, have a go at the memory game with someone at home. Can you recognise how many spots there are, on the ladybirds,  without counting them all?

Session 6 - Matching 6, 7 and 8

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Week 2 - Session 1

The next session looks at what 'pair' means (we have discussed this on many occasions in class) and having a go at finding some pairs of objects, either around the house or maybe in the garden. 

Session 7 - Making pairs

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Week 2 - Session 2

For the third session there are actually 2 videos which go over the same concept of combining 2 groups (adding). For the first activity your child will be looking at a picture of a garden scene where there are 2 groups of many objects. Encourage your child to write these out as a number sentence. For instance, if they could see 5 blue flowers and 3 yellow flowers, they could write 5+3=8. See if your child can remember the symbols and where they come in the number sentence. We have done this a lot in class!

The next activity involves your child matching ends of dominos together, which have the same number of spots. Your child can look at how many spots are on each side of the dominos and what number that makes altogether. 

Session 8 - Combining 2 groups

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Week 2 - Session 3

Session 9 - Combining 2 groups

This is "Session 9 - Combining 2 groups" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

The final session of the week looks at adding on more. This encourages your child to count on from a number instead of counting from 1 each time. For the activity your child will be playing a number track game which is demonstrated in the video. Encourage your child to predict where they will land before actually moving. 

Session 10 - Adding more

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Week 2 - Session 5

Talk For Writing

This week in our Talk for Writing sessions, we are starting to look at the story 'Cinderella'. Below is a reading of the story. Listen to it one day and then on the next, see if your child can predict what is going to happen before it does. Take the opportunity to pause at intervals during the video to ask your child what is going to happen next. 


Your child could even have a go at making some stick puppets for the characters and acting the story out. Are there any other important resources they might need to help them retell the story?


If you have the film of Cinderella you could even watch this!

Cinderella: A Read-Along Storybook

Reading is Succeeding. Read along with me.Explore new books every week.Cohen, Della. "Cinderella: A Read-Aloud Storybook". New York: Random House, 1999. Print.