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Week 08/11/21


All of your Phonics activities will be found on Tapestry each day, as well the Powerpoint Presentations to go through with your child before you do each activity (1 per day).



This week we are learning about the shapes Circle and Triangle. Below are activity sheets for each day related to what we are doing in class. 



This week we are reading the next part of our book 'The Very Last Castle'. Below is a link to a video of someone reading this story. Please listen to it, up until the girl receives a letter from the castle and reads it - DO NOT LISTEN ANY FURTHER!


I would like you to think about how you would reply to the letter and have a go at writing this reply. Think really carefully about how you form your letters (parents, you can use the letter patter sheet to help your child), and remember to say each word slowly to yourself to hear the sounds. 

Also remember to leave a finger space between each word and what do we need at the end of a sentence?...That's right, a full stop!


I have attached a 'scroll' template to write your reply on. 


This week we are also looking at Diwali and Remembrance Day. Below are some powerpoints, weblinks to video's and activity sheets for getting crafty, to learn and become part of these celebrations.