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Week 09.05.22


All Phonics learning can be found on Tapestry.



This week we are going to be listening to some music from different countries. We will be looking into the style of music it is, what instruments are used and how it makes us feel like moving. 

We are also going to be looking at another artist, Jackson Pollock. 


Firstly I have uploaded a fact sheet all about our new artist. Share this with your child so they can learn a little about his background and the type of artwork he does. Maybe you could have a look at some images online, of some of his art pieces. 


An activity we will be doing in class, linked to this, is some of our own drip and splatter paintings. If you have some runny paint, your child could either do a small scale painting, dipping their paint brush into different coloured runny paints and sprinkling it over a sheet of paper. Or they could do this outside on a large scale piece of paper and use more of a splatter technique. 


Next I have uploaded a Powerpoint which talks about and gives some audio examples of music in other countries. We will be looking at 'The Caribbean, Indonesia, Mexico, Israel, China and Spain'. Encourage your child to move to the different pieces of music, listening carefully to the pitch (high or low) and the tempo (fast or slow). 


Your child could have a go at making their own instruments (See the instrument instructions below). 

Marvellous Maths

This week we are going to be looking at shape, and making new shapes out of other shapes. 


Session 1 - Please watch the video and then invite your child to have a go at the shown activity themselves. They can cut a rectangle piece of paper on the diagonal to make 2 triangles. How many different shapes can they make out of these 2 triangles? They can repeat the cutting on another rectangle until they have 4 triangles. What shapes can they make now?

Session 11 - Making New Shapes with 2 Right-Angled Triangles

First Then Now - Wk 3 - Session 1 - Making New Shapes with 2 Right-Angle Triangles

Session 2 - In todays session your child will be using squares to make different shapes. Please watch the video and then draw out some squares onto paper that your child can cut out. Ask your child to explore what shapes they can make with these!

Session 12 - Making New Shapes with Squares

First Then Now - Wk 3 - Session 2 - Making New Shapes with Squares

Session 3 - Today looks at tangrams. Watch the video with your child and then, from the uploaded document (only using the first page), your child can cut out the shapes and then try and fit them back together to make the square again. Can they fit some of the shapes together to make a triangle?

Session 14 - Making New Shapes with Tangrams

First Then Now - Wk 3 - Session 4 - Making New Shapes with Tangrams

Session 4 - Today, we are still looking at tangrams just in a different shapes, a star. Watch the video and then encourage your child to cut out the coloured shapes and see if they can fit them into the star template. 

Session 15 - Pattern Blocks

First Then Now - Wk 3 - Session 5 - Pattern Blocks

Writing Challenge

This week in our Talk for Writing, we are starting to look at the story 'The Rainbow Fish'. There is a lovely moral to this story about kind friends and sharing. For your child's writing challenge I would like them to write about what makes them a good friend. To help with ideas, have a chat with your child before hand about what qualities make someone a good friend (sharing, taking turns, being kind, helping etc). I have uploaded some writing paper. 

Guided Reading

Hear are a selection of stories we will be listening to in class, this week. 

Action Jackson Read aloud about Jackson Pollock

This is a Read aloud of Action Jackson. A book about Jackson Pollock and the way he works through his paintings. This book is beautifully illustrated and wel...

[Special Effects] The Rainbow Fish | Read Aloud Books for Children

Title: The Rainbow FishAuthor & Illustrator: Marcus Pfister, J. Alison James___________________________________________________► Buy the book here: http://am...


The Music in Me

This heartening tale of a young boy who is on a quest to find his "inner music" unfolds with rich color illustrations that will keep you humming, strumming a...