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Week 1 25/4/22


For the next 2 weeks we are continuing with the decimal topic. This week we are going to develop your knowledge of decimals and consolidate some of your decimal skills.  In May we will be doing the year 4 times table test on the computers so if you have not used TTRS recently its time to brush up those times table skills again; see if you how many you can score on the soundchecker of TTRS.


As it was William Shakespeare’s birthday celebration this weekend we are going to focus our English work this week on one of his plays - The Tempest. In school we are going to read a short story of the plot and then watch the clips. If you are at home you can just watch the clips on Monday to familiarise yourself with the story.  On Tuesday you will be examining a part of The Tempest playscript and writing your own version of a scene.  Look through the presentation to find out what you need to do. On Wednesday I would like you to pick 4 characters from the play The Tempest and I would like you to inference about what you know about the character.  You need to include their physical appearance (size, hair, age etc...), the role / relationships they have in the play, also describe their personality.  Finally add in what you like about their character.  For each character you should be able to make at least 8 points. Part of the reason William Shakespeare wrote plays about exploring new places was due to the Tudor explorers Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh.  It was Sir Francis Drake who helped England win the Spanish Armada, the reading comprehension this week is based on the Spanish Armada. I have included a presentation and clip for you to watch before you do the work so you understand what the Spanish Armada was.


We are moving onto a new topic of animals and their habitats.  This week is a quick recap on what is a habitat.  There is a presentation on the different types of habitat and then an activity for you to complete.  There are different habitats and you need to put the animals in the correct habitat.  You can always draw the habitat instead of printing and add 4 more animals to each habitat if you can.


This term we are exploring the lives of people living in other places and the different values and customs that people can have in different locations around the world.  Go through the presentation and then complete the worksheet on the similarities and differences.  I would also like you to consider 5 things that make you happy; it could be an item such as a special toy, a person, a food, something you do or something you see in nature like a rainbow.  I would like you to create a poem about happiness use the format below to help you.