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Week 1 28/2/22


We hope that if you are not back with us in school that you can be soon.  This week we are starting our new topic of Tudor Warwickshire, the knowledge organiser can be found on the school website on our class page, underneath the class photos.  On Thursday this week it is World Book Day so there are a range of activities for you to do.

We hope to see your happy face back in school soon. 

Mrs Havard


We are still continuing with our work on fractions.  Can you remember what the words numerator, denominator, equivalent and unit fraction mean? This week we are exploring adding and subtracting fractions.  Remember if the denominator is the same for the fractions you are adding or subtracting you do not add or subtract the denominator just the numerator.  This term for each day there is your usual flashback 4 to start your work, then the video of the lesson to explain the worksheet (on the weekly timetable), the worksheet to complete. Then I have put a reasoning and true/false question for you to do daily.  Keep practising your TTRS for at least 10 minutes 3 times a week.


We are starting our new topic of Tudor Warwickshire.  The first part of the topic is developing your knowledge of the Tudor monarchs.  In our last topic of Reign Over Us we looked at the British monarchs and their dynasties, we briefly discussed the Tudor monarchs in their chronological order but now we are going to examine them more closely. ( to remind you of the British monarchs I have included the Horrible Histories song.)  The Tudor dynasty began at the end of the civil war of the War of the Roses which went on for 30 years; ending at the Battle of Bosworth where Henry Tudor claimed the British crown off King Richard III when he was killed. ( I have included the Plantagenet Family Tree, a short clip from the Horrible Histories on the battles in the War of the Roses and another clip on the Battle of Bosworth to remind you). When you have watched these clips you have an activity to complete on ordering the Tudor monarchs in chronological order, if you are not sure look at the presentation I have included to help you.




On Tuesday you are going to create your own Tudor Rose, I have included a template for you, make sure you colour it accurately. Or you can draw your own, paint it or make one with other materials; you do not need to use the template.  Then you need to answer these questions.

1. Why was it called the War of the Roses?

2. What colour were the 2 roses in the civil war?

3. Why did Henry VII create the Tudor Rose and what did it symbolise?


Once you have completed the Tudor Rose you have the Tudor family tree to complete. 


The focus of world book day this year is 'You Are A Reader'.  During the day I would like you to spend at least 45 minutes reading to yourself or to an adult.  When you return to school there will be a book voucher for you to collect.  MC Hammer has created a song which includes the book voucher to give you some ideas, so your first job is to watch his song.


This year is the 25th year of World Book Day.  As a class novel we read Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo so we are focussing on Michael Morpurgo for our book day. You are going to be authors of the story started by Michael Morpurgo.  Michael Morpurgo has made a clip about how he creates his stories, listen to the clip as it will help you to create your story as you are listening to the clip there is an activity sheet for you to complete some notes, it would be a good idea to have this as you listen to the Michael Morpurgo clip.  Once you have listened to the clip there is the beginning of the story 'Jemima the Pig' which Michael Morpurgo has written for world book day; read the beginning of the story and then have a go at writing your middle and end to the story. You do not need to copy out the words of the beginning of the story just the last paragraph which starts 'And so this is the story for Jemima too. But what's been great about writing this is that ......'       Be creative, you have the seed to the story now make it your own.  I have included another world book day song to help you if you need some ideas.


I have included 2 more activities for you to complete an I spy activity to work out the author and a top 5 activity page on books to complete. 

Remember you are a reader and make sure you enjoy some of your day reading.

In your grammar work we are continuing with our work on speech.  The focus this week is correctly punctuating direct speech.  Follow the presentation carefully so you can include all the punctuation steps for direct speech for activity 1 and 2.


Our topic this term is on respecting rights.  We have briefly touched on this in our guided reading looking at the human rights and when we explored the Magna Carta. Your work is to look at the word mat and word cards about the rights of children and then there is worksheet for you to complete. The word mats and statements which are a summary of the human rights we are all entitled to have and it will help you to complete your work.


We are starting a new topic on electricity.  This week we are thinking about what is electricity, where does it come from and when do we use it.  First you need to watch the presentation as a slideshow of the history of electricity.  Then can you create a timeline of the major electrical discoveries.  I have included a poster to give you an idea of how to create your chronological timeline. Next you need to watch the presentation as a slideshow on how electricity is generated.  There are 2 activities for you to complete. The first one is what do you know or have learnt about electricity, don't worry if you cannot answer all the questions as we go through the topic your knowledge of electricity will increase.  The final activity is to list appliances that you use daily that uses electricity. Are they essential of non-essential item? Also can you identify if they use mains electricity or battery electricity?