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Week 1, 7/6/22


This week we are continuing with our work on time.  Remember to practise telling time to the nearest minute you can use the mathsframe game I have included below to help you which I showed you in school. Remember in year 4 you need to develop your skills so you can read time to the nearest minute and understand am and pm.  This week we will be focusing on the 24 hour clock and converting between analogue and digital.   Also keep practising your TTRS you are all doing really well with being much more secure in your tables.  Remember to do the worksheet, after you have done flashback 4, then there is a true and false to do and a reasoning.  On Wednesday we are on our school trip but there is an activity on time to do if you cannot be with us.


This week we are completing our work on habitats in science linked with the environment and our work on animal adaptations and climate change in the mountains.  On Tuesday there are several short reading text about 5 mountain animals and questions for you to complete. When you have completed your work could you make a mountain food chain using some of the animals from your reading comprehension.  Also can you identify the changes some of the animals have made to living in the mountains.  On Wednesday year 4 are on their class trip to Mary Arden's Farm. If you cannot join us could you create a factfile on a mountain animal, which is similar to the work we did on chimpanzees last term.  The endangered mountain animal document which is included for Wednesday may help you with your factfile.  On Thursday we are going to write a recount of our trip, there are features of a recount and steps to success to help you with this work. If you did not come on the trip watch the clip about glacier melting on Mount Kilimanjaro and the work included on glaciers and create a report on Mount Kilimanjaro glaciers and the effect of climate change on them.  On Friday there is grammar work for you to complete.  Watch the presentation then complete the 2 activities on have not of or these and those not them.



We are finishing our topic on habitats and environmental change which links in with the end of our Mount Kilimanjaro topic where we are thinking about the impact of climate change on mountains.  To start with I would like you to watch the presentation on environmental change so you understand what it means.  Last term we wrote a report on chimpanzees following on from our work on Jane Goodall, we learnt that chimpanzees habitats are becoming endangered because of deforestation.  For your science work you are going to do some research on an endangered animal of your choice.  There is a report for you to complete on your chosen animal.  Next we have been thinking about the human impact on the environment I would like you to think about 4 different habitats please include mountains as one of them and complete the worksheet where you need to consider the environmental change (glacier melting), the impact this is having on the habitat and the effect on living things.  Have a go at some different habitats.  You may need to do some research to help you; think about environmental impacts like littering, deforestation, air pollution and plastics in the ocean.