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Week 1 Resources

Week 1 5/1/22


Welcome back, we hope that you had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed your holiday. If you can’t be with us in school then here are your resources for this short week. This week is slightly different our focus is on a book called 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental.


First look at the PowerPoint on the book so that you are familiar with the story. On the second page, there are links to clips on penguins, that you might like to watch once you have read the story to find out more about penguins.

Our first piece of work is going to be based on the calendar, below is a worksheet of the 2022 calendar for you to look at to answer the questions on the calendar. Also I have included the rhyme for learning how many days in a month as knowing this will help with your calendar work.

Now you are more familiar with the calendar, I would like you to use your knowledge and calculate the answers to the following worksheet.

Next I would like you to look at the 17 different types of penguins. I would like you to make a chart of the different types of penguins in descending ( tallest to the shortest ) order. You will need to add the names and heights. Also you might like to add some pictures. You decide how to present your work.


Today we are going to be using our knowledge about the calendar to solve problems the family had with arranging the penguins. You have a worksheet (activity 2) to complete on the number of penguins in each row and there is a table to help you with your investigation below the worksheet.  Once you have completed activity 2 there is a worksheet for you to calculate the fish that the penguins will eat.  Remember to show your calculations.

Next I would like you to do a non chronological report on your favourite type of penguin. Yesterday, you learnt there were 17 different types of penguins choose one and do some more research on them. Think about where the penguins live, the habitat, their food, particular features for that breed of penguin, the penguin chicks and other interesting facts. You can hand write your work or type it up. Remember to include subheadings. 


Today we are going to be investigating making arrays with different numbers of penguins. You have a worksheet called activity 4 factors and square numbers to complete. However, halfway through activity 4 you will need to complete other worksheets on square numbers before you can complete all of activity 4.  We are going to be thinking about factors ( your tables knowledge will be very useful) and square numbers. There are 3 worksheets to complete on square numbers. The additional work on square numbers is for the pupils in clever clogs maths group to complete.

Uncle Victor sent the penguins to the family because the penguins are losing their homes. Can you find out the reasons why the South Pole is becoming smaller?  Can you create a poster for the penguins asking us to help them save their South Pole home; think about environmental issues - pollution. I have added some information to help you with your research.

Your final activity is to have a go at doing a drawing of a penguin. You can draw a penguin you have chosen to do your non-chronological report on or you can have a go at drawing a cartoon penguin.