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Week 10.01.22


All Phonics learning and resources can be found on Tapestry.




This week we are introducing our new half termly topic of 'Up and Away'. Create a mind-map of all the ideas that spring to mind when you think of this theme. 


We are looking closely at 'aeroplanes' this week, and looking into the life of a famous woman who took to the sky, called 'Amelia Earhart'. 

Firstly, I would like you to do some research and see if you can find out where these different parts are on an aeroplane. 









I have attached a sheet with an aeroplsne picture on which you could label or even draw your own aeroplane!


Next I have attached a document with pictures of an olden day and a modern day aeroplane. I would like you to look closely at these and point out any similarities or differences that you can see between the two. 

Next, I have uploaded 2 videos. One is a reading of a book all about Amelia Earhart and the next is a video all about her. Please watch these to find our what she is famous for having done!

Amelia Earhart: Little People, Big Dreams | Read Aloud Books for Children

History KS2 | Explorers: Amelia Earhart | BBC Teach

The life of Amelia Earhart, a courageous pilot who broke records in the air.

Guided Reading

This week we have a selection of books lined up, all to do with aeroplanes. Some are fiction and some are real life, drawn in cartoon! We are hoping to turn our Role-play area into an Airport and so there are a couple of books all about these as im sure that not many children have ever been to an airport or on an aeroplane. 

The children need to learn about what an airport actually is, what it looks like and what happens when you are there. Please feel free to listen to these stories as and when you would like to.  

Going on a Plane Book by Anne Civardi:Read aloud book [Read Aloud Kids Book]

✈️📚Kids Book Read Aloud: AWAY IN MY AIRPLANE by Margaret Wise Brown

See the birds way up high and the people way down below in this rhyme full of movement, wonder, and excitement. Let's have fun together!........................

Marvellous Maths

This week we start our new theme 'Alive in 5!'. 


The first session is really fun and looks at singing a nursery rhyme which counts back from 5 and seeing how this is represented physically in a 5 frame. You can have a go at singing another song after the power-point and drawing your own 5 frame to use with any small objects that can be used as counters. 

The next lesson looks at zero and showing how it is represented. Your child could have a go at writing a number sentence/sum for each of the picture representations. Remember which symbols to use!

For the third session we are looking at number bonds to 5. This activity involves your child throwing 5 objects and trying to get them to land in a target. Look at how many landed inside and outside the target and write this as a number sentence. e.g. 2(inside) 3 (outside) so 2+3=5. Keep repeating to show different ways of making 5. 

Session four looks at 'more and less/fewer' in quantities of objects. There are some picture cards you can use to play this game. Share them out between 2, each turn one over ad whoever has more on their card keeps both cards. 

The final session of the week involves a picnic, like a teddy bears picnic. Try sharing out food between 2 teddies and then 3. Look at who has more or fewer. can you make it fair or not?