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Week 13.06.22


All Phonics learning and activities can be found on Tapestry.



This week we are going to be looking at the layers of foliage in jungles and rainforests. I have uploaded a Powerpoint which talks about the names of the layers and which animals tend to live in each layer. I have then attached a cut and stick sheet where your child can cut and stick the correct name for each layer and then the animals. They may want to do this activity mid-week to see if they have remembered their learning from the Powerpoint. 

We are then moving on to look at the skin/fur patterns of animals and the difference between them, and the different types of camouflage there are. Your child could then have a go at recreating some of these patterns using different media (crayons, paint) and use techniques such as printing or combining media to create different effects. 

I have uploaded a camouflage Powerpoint and also a selection of animal prints which your child could look at and see if they can guess what animal it belongs to!

Writing Challenge

This week the children are going to choose an animal, that we learnt about in the video's last week, and write some facts that they found out. Below I have uploaded the video again to recap with your child. They can then choose one of the animals to write about. Please remind and encourage your child to use capital letters at the beginning of the sentence, finger spaces in between words, their phonics to sound the words, and a full stop at the end of the sentence. 

Maths Challenge

Last week in Marvellous Maths, we were learning about odd and even numbers. To consolidate their learning, I have uploaded a 'colouring in' star sheet where your child will need to colour code the odd and even numbers on stars. If you provide them with some small items that can be used for counting, they can then work out which numbers are odd and even by selecting the number of items and putting them into pairs to see if there is one left over. 

Marvellous Maths

This week we move on to our penultimate phase called 'On the move'. 


Session 1 - Please watch the video with your child and then have a go at the follow on activity. All instructions are on the PDF sheet and it will requite a bucket or box and some items that will fit inside. You will also need some smaller items that can be used in a tens frame as counters. I have uploaded a blank tens frame which your child may need to help them work out the answer. 

Session 1 - Harry and His Bucketful of Dinosaurs

On the Move - Wk 1 - Session 1 - Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Session 2 - Please watch the video with your child and then have a go at the activity based on the story 'Mr Gumpy's Outing'. Give your child a number and see if they can work out which characters would be on the boat to make that number of legs. 

Session 2 - Mr Gumpy's Outing Problem Solving

On the Move - Wk 1 - Session 2 - Mr Gumpy's Outing Problem Solving

Session 3 - Please watch the video with your child and then have a go at the activity. If you do not have marbles just find something equivilent to them and for the materials you could use foil, paper, plastic, something wooden etc.

Session 4 - Making Boats

On the Move - Wk 1 - Session 4 - Making Boats

Session 4 - Please watch the video with your child and then have a go at the activity making bridges. See if you and your child can make the longest one possible with the materials you have and then the strongest one. 

Session 5 - Building Bridges

On the Move - Wk 1 - Session 5 - Making Bridges

Guided Reading

Here are some video readings of stories we will be listening to in class this week. The first one introduces Fathers Day at the end of the week. I have uploaded some ideas of handmade cards your child could have a go at making!

My Dad by Anthony Brown - Read Aloud Book for Children - Teach My Kids Storytime

My Dad by Anthony Brown, is a beautiful and funny story. Read aloud by Sunita for Teach My Kids storytime. Watch and read along. Free worksheet below.A stor...

Giraffes Can't Dance

A read aloud of, "Giraffes Can't Dance" by Giles Andrea and Guy Parker-Rees. No copyright infringement intended; for educational purpose only.Background Mus...

Walking Through The Jungle by Julie Lacome

Walking Through The Jungle written and illustrated by Julie Lacome