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Week 13/12/21


Please find all Phonics planning and resources on Tapestry - 1 posted each day


Marvellous Maths

This week we have 2 Maths sessions as well as a weekly Maths challenge. The 2 sessions are brought forward from last week as, due to the Christmas Nativity and staff shortages, we were unable to do these sessions as planned. 


The first session uses the rhyme of '10 green bottles' but it starts from 5 (I'm sure you know this rhyme but I have uploaded a link below to the song on YouTube). Your child will be exploring how quantities get smaller each time an object is taken away. You will need some cube shaped objects (wooden blocks, oxo cubes etc) to demonstrate this visually, and also some objects to act as the 5 bottles. 



The second session works on finding 1 more or less than numbers up to 5, by hiding objects in a bucket and then using a 5 frame to help you to work out the answer. This can easily be drawn out on paper as it is just 5 squares in a row. Your child can then place the objects in the 5 frame to help them to visualise what quantities look like.

Maths Challenge

The challenge this week, aims to show us if your child can recognise numerals to 6 and match them to quantities. I have uploaded a sheet. All they need to do is either, cut out the numerals at the bottom and stick them next to the correct quantity or they could even have a go at writing the numeral. See if your child can recognise the amount in each group, without counting. This is called 'subitising' and is new skill that has been incorporated into the new Early Years Development Matters curriculum which we follow. 


This week, in true Christmas spirit, we would like your child to write a Christmas list to Santa! Your child could have a go at writing this is full sentences, telling Santa if they have been good this year?! (I'm sure they have!) They could make a numbered list of the things they would like or even cut pictures from magazines, stick them on and label them, maybe even explaining why they want particular things. I have uploaded 2 templates you could use for this. 

Christmas Cards

This week we are going to be making a Christmas card to give to someone. I have uploaded some ideas your child could use for the front of their card but they are free to do whatever they would like. They can then write inside the card, who it is to and from and even wishing the person 'Merry Christmas'. 

Understanding the World

We are also going to be looking at how Christmas is celebrated around the world. We will be focusing on the similarities and differences between how it is celebrated in other countries, compared to England. 

I have uploaded the power-point we will be sharing in class and also posters that tell you how to say 'Happy Christmas' in different languages!

Last, but by no means least, i have uploaded a Christmas themed Powerpoint story for you to share together at home. 


Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year!