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Week 14.02.22


All Phonics planning and resources can be found on Tapestry.


Writing Challenge

This week, in celebration of valentines day, the children writing task is to write about who they love and why. I have also attached a Power-point which gives the children an insight into why we celebrate this day. 

Maths Challenge

Last week, the children spent some time looking at making pairs. Following on from this, the children's challenge is to select a number of objects and then attempt to split them into pairs. They can record which could be split into equal pairs and which couldn't. This will also aid them when they begin their learning on odd and even numbers. 

Marvellous Maths

This week we are coming away from number and looking at length, height and time. 


The first session looks at height. For the activity you will need a dice and some objects you can stack.

Session 11 - Comparing height - taller and shorter than

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Wk 3 - Session 1 - Comparing Height - Taller and Shorter

The next session looks at comparing length. You can either make playdough, following the activity sheet, or use lengths of string or any other resource that you have of different lengths, to do this activity. 

Session 12 - Comparing length - longer and shorter than

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Wk 3 - Session 2 - Comparing Length - Longer and Shorter

The third session looks at measuring height. The activity sheet asks for you to measure a real sunflower. As we cannot do this at the moment i have attached a sheet where your child can measure pictures of sunflowers. Your child will need to use something small to measure with. In school we would use multi-link cubes so anything small like oxo cubes or sweeties, wooden blocks or counters. 

Session 14 - Measuring height

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Wk 3 - Session 4 - Measuring Height

The lasy session looks at measuring time, focusing on 1 minute. The activity involves timing your child for 1 minute to see how many of something they can do e.g. jumping jacks, stacking blocks etc. You could then get your child to time you! Use whatever timers you have available to you, egg timers, sand timers or the timer on your phone or find one on the internet. Record your results on paper in a table, stating the activity and how many were done. 

Session 15 - Measuring time

Growing 6, 7, 8! - Wk 3 - Session 5 - Measuring Time


This week we are going to be looking at transport from the past and present. I have attached some sorting cards with photographs of different transport from long ago and nowadays. Your child could sort these into piles. Discuss any similarities or differences your child can see. 

I have also uploaded a Power-point which goes into more detail about some of the older transport. 

The children's focused writing for this week, involves them making a vehicle (this can be whatever they want it to be, a mixture of vehicles if they wish!), using either a type of construction material like K-nex or out of junk modelling. They can then write about their vehicle and what it can do! It may be able to fly and go underwater. Maybe it has 10 wheels and can travel super fast!

Guided Reading

Here are some readings of stories we will be listening to this week.


Mr Gumpy's Motor Car by John Burningham

For Year 1 DEAR time and to support with writing lessons on SeeSaw. Read by Mrs Barlow :)

THE LITTLE TRAIN - Read Along Story Book - FOR CHILDREN - Train Talk for Kids from Kids

PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE READ-ALONG TRAIN BOOKS FOR CHILDREN.The Little Train by Lois LenskiScholastic IncISBN# 0-439-32512-9Lois Lenski's website: http://w...

I am Stronger than Anger Read Aloud

I was asked to read this book and "I am Stronger than Anger" by Elizabeth Cole was a great story to read! Sometimes it can be hard to handle our emotions, bu...